This site offers a wide range of history and archaeology links.

To study issues related to Christianity.

It is my believe after studying many different resources that the bible is very accurate and any talk that there isn't any other information besides the bible for us to study the history of Christianity is just not true.

The New Jerusalem Mosaic This site is easy to navigate through and offers a comprehensive history of the city of Jerusalem and its people.

Mustardseed Media's virtual multimedia tour of the Holy Land This site offers a great look at the most popular sites related to Christianity. You'll will have to down load a plug in viewer, but it's well worth it.

The Complete Works of Flavius Josephus Studylight has a good collection of study materials. This link brings you dirrectly to the works of Josephus, a well know jewish historian born around the time of Jesus' death.

The Roman Empire This link takes you to a summary of the history of the Roman empire, who were in power at the time Jesus was here on the earth.

The Dead Sea Scolls These give some insight into the reliability of scripture and can be used to verify translations that have been handed down through time.

The Internet Ancient History Sourcebook This site is a little hard to get started with, but if you take some time going through it you will find a lot of great information on history and archaeology.

Below are some web pages the Lord has helped me to create about Christianity.
The Word on line What is Christianity? The Word for the week What is Salvation The Power of God About Jesus



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